How to be Successful (And Make Money) On The Adult Tube Sites

This video is about how to successfully navigate the use of a Tube Site within your indie career to maximize your exposure and money making potential.

A common public misconception is that tube sites pay amateur models a set price for their videos, when in reality these sites are offering ad revenue on videos. The average (from PornHub which is what most models tend to use) is about $1 for every thousand views, and this also fluctuates depending on the video rating.

Because of how poorly ad revenue pays out, uploading full length videos is simply not the best way to go unless it’s strictly for marketing. One of the best ways to implement the use of a Tube Site into your career is to use it as a marketing platform, posting extended previews of your full length clips can be a great way to direct potential customers to your PAYING clip sites, where you are making a set amount per video sale and not just ad revenue.

Watermarking is also a crucial part in succeeding on Tube Sites, since videos posted on these sites tend to be downloaded and uploaded to other sites as well.